To the Nines

My oldest turned nine smackeroos on Sunday, and I felt it was time for some reflections on the latest trip around the sun. If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed he was going on 23 based on his ambition to help keep our world going round this week. We’ve had quite a few late nights between a sewer backup, a hot and heavy start to planting season, and the everyday dynamics of our real estate...

God Crackers and Other Sundries

God Cracker (n.) meaning communion wafer.  Used in a sentence, “Mom, I want a God Cracker!” My boys have always been inquisitive about how things work and tend to ask frequently if they can engage in the same activities as adults.  During a Sunday church service several weeks ago, my son made a unique observation.  We were nearing the part of the service when it was almost time for communion and...

Toaster Tortillas and Other Burning Objects

Like any good and dysfunctional marriage, my husband and I do not have the same perspectives on meal preparation at our house.  I take a more conventional approach as taught by my mother and grandmother which requires days of planning and a monthly grocery list that usually results in the bulk of our intake for the entire month in one single trip the store.  On the other hand, my husband is more of a...

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