Happy birthday

To the Nines

My oldest turned nine smackeroos on Sunday, and I felt it was time for some reflections on the latest trip around the sun. If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed he was going on 23 based on his ambition to help keep our world going round this week. We’ve had quite a few late nights between a sewer backup, a hot and heavy start to planting season, and the everyday dynamics of our real estate...

Crazy Eights

I've been planning this post for about a week, and the inspiration/time just didn't come until today.  The change in the weather last week made everything hit the fan, and kept us all out working some late evenings. This weekend marked my oldest son’s 8th trip around the sun.  If you ever want to make a breakfast to impress your kids, stack a pile of powdered donuts on a plate in the center of the...

Lucky #7

We drew a wild card this year, but it just so happens I have an ace in the hole.  Lucky Logan Peters turns lucky #7 today.  He’s sporting his first wiggly tooth and counting on some bank from the tooth fairy this week.  Who knows, today might even be the lucky day at the rate things are going! PERSEVERANCE Seven. Years. My May Day, mayday!  Snow storm and all!  I wanted to take a moment to...

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