God Crackers and Other Sundries

God Cracker (n.) meaning communion wafer.  Used in a sentence, “Mom, I want a God Cracker!” My boys have always been inquisitive about how things work and tend to ask frequently if they can engage in the same activities as adults.  During a Sunday church service several weeks ago, my son made a unique observation.  We were nearing the part of the service when it was almost time for communion and...

One ‘Toot’ Over the Line

My youngest son has taken quite a shine to music during his short life, and, honestly, he is quite good at picking up a tune and repeating song lyrics…over and over…and over…all day long.  His favorite right now floats between International Harvester by Craig Morgan and One Toke Over the Line by Brewer & Shipley (the kid spends a lot of time with his grandpa jamming to the 70s).  However,...

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