The 42

There is a John Deere 4240 hooked to the unloading auger at our family farm right now. Its sole purpose for the season is to auger the harvested grain into the bins as trucks brimming with bright yellow corn and soybeans are unloaded. My young nephews can amp it up and get the auger running when the semi drives across the unloading dock, which saves their dad a few steps.  My own dad bought that tractor...

The Freedom Trail

Last week, I was asked by a local citizen who is a part of the Voices for Vision Coalition (VVC) to support a measure to establish a task force and a name for the approximately six miles of trail system that wind through and around the City of Wayne.  Upon reading the letter accompanying the request, my initial response was to simply not sign the petition for the naming of the trail.  Not being one to...

Lucky #7

We drew a wild card this year, but it just so happens I have an ace in the hole.  Lucky Logan Peters turns lucky #7 today.  He’s sporting his first wiggly tooth and counting on some bank from the tooth fairy this week.  Who knows, today might even be the lucky day at the rate things are going! PERSEVERANCE Seven. Years. My May Day, mayday!  Snow storm and all!  I wanted to take a moment to...

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