Record Year

I haven’t been sleeping much since I got this hair-brained idea to expand my real estate game in 2020.  I’m living on caffeine, grain alcohol, ibuprofen, a bit of nicotine, Tums, hard seltzer, and a prayer.  Just call me Bon Jovi.  The first year for any new business is tough, but if I get taken down by some disease a bat promulgated without gaining super hero powers to save Gotham City, I will be completely devastated. (As if my real estate signs going all Wizard of Oz on me due to the slightest popcorn fart of wind wasn’t enough excitement in the first three months. Sorry, April from Lowen Sign Company.  Your signs might “be strong enough for the Kansas prairie,” but Nebraska takes wind to a whole new level.)

The pandemic has introduced a level of problem solving and disaster planning to which I’ve had to adapt even though I’ve prepped for things like this my entire adult life. Both my boys were delivered in emergency situations with very little notice.  I’ve had to make fast decisions with livestock since a young age to prevent them from escaping a pen or causing harm to others.  And, I have been reading farmer’s minds, lips, and hand signals for the better half of 38 years.  I’m used to the repercussions of making the wrong decision sometimes.  In fact, this lifestyle is probably the main reason why I enjoy real estate so much.  No two days are the same, and I enjoy the challenge. It is rare to encounter a seamless transaction even though our perfect TV world makes it seem so easy.  For the most part, every transaction requires an experienced agent to navigate the hoops of dealing with lenders, underwriters, appraisers, and all the different buyer personalities.  In addition, no time in recent history has been more emotional than the last two weeks and those that are yet to come.  An agent’s job is to separate the emotion of the sale from the real impact your decision making has on your life and financial future.  I’m still fine-tuning the art.  And, I often have to “sleep on it” (or not sleep in other words) before I can see the true benefit of collaborating on a deal versus competing on it some days.  Trust me, there is a difference.

But, I digress.  Getting back to my decision of starting a business this year has gotten me thinking about what the world will look like 20 years from now.  Actually, I’m more interested in what my business will look like 20 years from now.  We are all learning new ways of doing business from video conferencing, to digital signatures, and even digital notarizations!  Can we completely eliminate the human element from an industry in a matter of three weeks?  If the answer is yes, then we have evolved into something more than I want to be a part of right now.  I long for human contact and interaction despite my introverted personality.  If this industry transforms into a computer screen and a cell phone, then this entire world is in for a huge wake-up call (and that is one Google Duo call I will not answer)!  There is still something to be said for human interaction and communication once COVID-19 is all said and done!  I have long advocated for a good old-fashioned phone call versus a text message, a personal visit versus an email, or a strong handshake to seal a deal.  Living in a video world hidden behind a computer screen does not represent the human touch the real estate industry and so many other industries desperately need to function effectively.

In spite of what happens this year, I can say with utmost confidence that this will be a record year for White Farmhouse Realty, LLC (mainly because I have nothing else to compare it to)!  I hope that you will join me in breaking all sales records and goals by trusting your next home sale or purchase to WFR.  Let’s be a part of history in the making!  I almost can’t wait to tell my grandkids what we went through in 2020—the year I started my business.  I keep telling myself that this year with be the year to make all others pale in comparison. One thing is certain, though.  I truly hope we can meet face-to-face without proper protective equipment to share a laugh, a meal, a smile, or a long conversation about that one time when we lived through the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Life isn’t all real estate and roses, but I’m looking forward to a “record year” and the day when I can actually shake your hand again and say “thank you” for making it happen.  Welcome Home.

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