Faith Like a Mother

Per usual, I am little behind on my Mother’s Day tribute this year, but you should all expect that from me by now. As is the case for most, time is a precious commodity these days, and things hit me at some of the most unlikely moments. This past weekend, I was sitting in church doing my Sunday “meditation” for the better part of the sermon (my kids accuse me of sleeping, but I’m really just...

God Crackers and Other Sundries

God Cracker (n.) meaning communion wafer.  Used in a sentence, “Mom, I want a God Cracker!” My boys have always been inquisitive about how things work and tend to ask frequently if they can engage in the same activities as adults.  During a Sunday church service several weeks ago, my son made a unique observation.  We were nearing the part of the service when it was almost time for communion and...

One ‘Toot’ Over the Line

My youngest son has taken quite a shine to music during his short life, and, honestly, he is quite good at picking up a tune and repeating song lyrics…over and over…and over…all day long.  His favorite right now floats between International Harvester by Craig Morgan and One Toke Over the Line by Brewer & Shipley (the kid spends a lot of time with his grandpa jamming to the 70s).  However,...

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