Faith Like a Mother

Per usual, I am little behind on my Mother’s Day tribute this year, but you should all...
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To the Nines

My oldest turned nine smackeroos on Sunday, and I felt it was time for some reflections on the...
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God Crackers and Other Sundries

God Cracker (n.) meaning communion wafer.  Used in a sentence, “Mom, I want a God...
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The 42

There is a John Deere 4240 hooked to the unloading auger at our family farm right now. Its...
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One ‘Toot’ Over the Line

My youngest son has taken quite a shine to music during his short life, and, honestly, he is...
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The Peters family has been up to our usual summer event schedule.  We stay up entirely too...
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For the Graduates

Author's note: The following is an excerpt from an address that was given at the 2012 Spring...
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Crazy Eights

I've been planning this post for about a week, and the inspiration/time just didn't come until...
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