April 2020

The Red Riding Hood Covid Showdown

Time to get real.  This week has not consisted of any Covid shining moments for me.  Yesterday, I managed to get into a knock-down, drag-out fight over Little Red Riding Hood with my 6-year old.  It ended with me literally tearing his assignment into teeny-tiny pieces right in front of him.  All because he wouldn’t do his homework when told. Definitely not my shiniest mom moment.  Good thing he was...

Record Year

I haven’t been sleeping much since I got this hair-brained idea to expand my real estate game in 2020.  I’m living on caffeine, grain alcohol, ibuprofen, a bit of nicotine, Tums, hard seltzer, and a prayer.  Just call me Bon Jovi.  The first year for any new business is tough, but if I get taken down by some disease a bat promulgated without gaining super hero powers to save Gotham City, I will be...

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